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Film or Digital?

'Film photography emits a nostalgia that is very difficult to replicate' 

Authentic in its physical, tangible nature. Seeing photos as physical prints makes them seem more real than an image on a screen

I love everything about film photography. The wait for the developing. The fact that you don't have thousands of photos that are marginally different. The craft 

Digital provides so much latitude. In a scenario where detail is key and fidelity is paramount, digital photography is the go to medium. If I want quality and sharpness over feeling and soul

We started our first band when we were 13 years old. Since then I have played instruments, rapped on stages and created electronic music. Some is for projects, some is just for fun

A mixture of commercial work, non commercial work, music videos 

A few of the digital images I have created over the years. There are undoubtedly more, lots more. I will display them as I find them!

I wanted to make my job my hobby again. I also wanted to create something that took knowledge, effort and patience. What has resulted is rolls and rolls of negatives and an absolute love affair with film

Proven track record 

Creativity in the bones 

Commitment to Excellence

I'm a G 

Why Choose Me

Project Spotlight

Sports documentary directed by Ben Marlow & Jack Tompkins 

Sidelined was directed, filmed and edited by Ben Marlow and Jack Tompkins 
The film was scored entirely by Ben Marlow, Calvin Marlow, Neil Saxby and Paul James 

Sidelined is an emotionally charged documentary giving insight into the devastating reality of being released from a football academy or club through deselection, injury or retirement

Happy Campers 

Don't just take my
word for it!

You have been a huge support to us and a great extension to our team. I'm incredibly excited to continue to push the boundaries in our video content creation and work together over the next few years! 


Lots of love



George Griffiths-Jones 

Founder, Moriarty

Ben took our old website and completely modernised it with new photography and video content he created for us. He also updated our logo and stationary. Its rare that you can get all of those boxes ticked under one roof and it makes life so much easier to have your content and website in one place 

Simon Swadling

Hurley Construction 

I’ve been lucky enough to work with Ben in a musical capacity for over 25 years now. Projects have ranged from commercial rock to Indonesian folk. Ben’s natural musical instincts and incredible ability to find the right sound produces authentic, unique and exciting music. I’d recommend him to anyone.

Neil Saxby

Producer and Musical Consultant (BRITs, EMI, UMG, RUG)

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