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Ben Marlow is a Director and Filmmaker from South East England. With over 25 years of experience in the filmmaking industry, there aren’t many sectors or genres for which he hasn’t created content for.


At the start of his filmmaking career he founded Kissing Gate Films a widely regarded and praised cinematography studio. He was one of the upcoming creative wedding filmmakers of his generation pushing the boundaries of his films by creating cinematic style wedding films around the world.


Having produced wedding films in North America, Europe, Africa and Australia, Ben decided it was time to set new creative goals and in 2016 moved into the much less wedding dominated arena to the world of corporate films, promotional films, music videos and documentaries

“I had an absolutely amazing time creating wedding films and we travelled all around the world doing it, but it was time to move on and start creating content of a more narrative nature. Filming weddings was an incredible experience for me and over those 15 years of doing so, I really learned how to become a storyteller and a filmmaker.” He found that working under that sort of pressure, you learned quickly, and you became adept at problem-solving, quickly!


The following years saw Ben creating and completing a wide variety of different projects in varied genres. With an expanding client list including the BBC, NHS, Radley, Jaeger Le Couture and Sony ‘PlayStation’, Ben settled nicely into his new role.

After working on more and more projects with his friend and fellow filmmaker, Jack Tompkins, it was inevitable that their combined skills would make a formidable team. “Ben and Jack Studio” was born.


With Jack’s impressive production skills and Ben’s vision for imagery, “Ben and Jack Studio” quickly gained a reputation for producing the quality of content on a par with work of larger agencies, but with a much more streamlined team driving it forward.


Their most recent documentary ‘Everybody’s Game’, an Amazon Prime Original has been greatly received and praised with enthusiastic reviews.

‘Working with Jack has been a fantastic creative experience. Our two skillsets have dove tailed perfectly, allowing us to take on a much wider range of projects. We are delighted to be able to produce some really strong work for the best regarded and most demanding off clients such as the BBC and Amazon Prime.’


With a growing taste for providing education, Ben and Jack started Sixty Second Film School, a YouTube channel which helps thousands of filmmakers with tutorials, equipment reviews and behind the scenes footage to help other filmmakers take their filmmaking to the next level. To find out how Ben and Jack Studio can help or you would like more information please email

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