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I am a filmmaker, photographer, and musician, and this site is a home for all of my personal projects. I suppose this is for my sons. To show them that I didn't just sit around on my arse all day...
Not every day anyway :)


I have been a photographer and filmmaker for nearly 30 years 
I have been in bands for over 30 years 

I currently run Ben&Jack Studio with my incredibly talented friend Jack Tompkins

At Ben&Jack Studio we create documentaries and content that we hope will create change or spark imagination, at the very least 

We also produce a magazine, Authentic Athletic, a quarterly magazine, inspired by 'sports for good'

My ongoing photography project sees me out very often with a variety of different old cameras, capturing photos of a variety of things
The photography is available for sale on this website. Digital or physical prints can be bought and 100% of the profits are split evenly between the charities I work with

Currently, I am working with Jack's Giant Journey and Pave the Way 

We thank you for your help and support 



Based in the UK

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